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EV charging 

Load management

When considering EV charging for public, apartment or commercial car parking spaces, it's unfortunately not just a case of plug and play.


While installing one or two charging points usually doesn't pose too much of a problem, being properly prepared for EV uptake means having more than two points installed or having the capacity to add more as needed.

That's why we discuss load management with every client, to gain an understanding of what their needs are now and into the future.


By this, we mean having a chat with you about how we provide equal distribution of energy to every EV plugged in at your site AND how to provide maximum power according to your energy capacity. Don't worry, we'll bring coffee.​

How does EV charging load management work?

As we say, having two EVs plugged into your building won't have much of an impact on your energy bill.

But what happens when there are ten times that number wanting a top up?


Consider 20 EVs in a commercial building; this would require 20 x 22kW charging ports, which suddenly requires a much larger power connection than your building can realistically provide...or afford.


All buildings - irrespective of size - have energy supply limitations, which is why so many people consider multi-port EV charging to be impractical.


The solution? EV charging load management.


Basically, load management allows multiple EVs to be charged simultaneously and efficiently with the power available to the building.


This nifty bit of management software has a number of great benefits.

What are the benefits?

Future-proofing your EV charging with load management has a number of benefits for EV drivers and building managers, including:

Protects your building from being overloaded, even if 20 EVs are plugged in simultaneously.

Manages your building's electricity consumption and power usage at peak times.

No need for expensive and retrofitted wiring to increase power supply.

EV charging load management by time of day

During peak electricity usage, the available grid power to a building, or even a whole suburb, may be reduced.

For most commercial buildings, this may be during working hours when office spaces are full of people using lights, computers and electrical appliances. For apartment buildings, the converse will be true; people coming home from work will create an increased demand on the building's power supply.


By working with you to identify periods of reduced availability, we can modify the charging profile of your EV charging to match your building's energy usage profile.

This granular level of charging load management will keep everyone, especially the EV drivers, happy!

EV charging web interface

How easy is it to control your building's load management? Pretty simple.

While competition for EV charging spaces is not currently too much of an issue, as EV uptake increases and charging infrastructure attempts to keep up with that supply, the demand for public charge points will ebb and flow.

You can control this using a simple smartphone app, which gives you the power to:


  • Restrict EV charging access to specified individuals

  • Monitor residents electricity consumption

  • Set pricing and generate revenue for to help pay for the station running costs

  • Record usage and keep a log

  • Links home & work charging to record benefit-in-kind tax

  • Easy to add new users

  • Monitors building power supply and actively manage the load on multiple chargers

Electric car charging smartphon app

Load management made easy... get in touch!

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Eddie, Tesla S

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