Jaunt Motors - electric conversion of a 1971 Series 2a Land Rover 

We’re delighted to be partnering with Jaunt Motors in the conversion of their first Land Rover, Juniper.

Follow the latest news, videos, challenges and triumphs as we recycle Juniper into a modern, zero-emission off-roading adventurer. This 1971 Series 2a classic is just one of the thousands of classic 4WDs sitting in paddocks all over Australia.

And Jaunt, founded by Marteen Burger and Dave Budge, want to give them a new purpose…that’s where we come in!

The Jaunt Project will not only convert Juniper, but create a roadmap of the conversion process. This will then be shared with other groups – tech students, enthusiast groups and backyard tinkerers – to allow them to recycle their own EV classic.

We’ll share everything. The costs, the pitfalls, the surprises and the final pieces of the conversion puzzle. We invite you to ask questions, make a time to come into our workshop or just enjoy the process. Each week we’ll share an update, but you can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more snippets and stories.

You can find out more about Jaunt Motors at their website. Show them some support, ask about an EV conversion for your group or even pre-book a Jaunt in Juniper!

To view our Jaunt Project news, click on an image below or use the search tool at the top right hand corner of the website and enter ‘Jaunt Project’ to see all blog posts, videos and content.

Yes! We are open, have stock and shipping orders (as quick as ever!) during these testing times. Keep well and isolated!

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