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电动汽车充电 房地产开发商和估价师的解决方案

你需要 关于如何将电动汽车充电基础设施预先设计或改装到建设项目中的可靠想法?

我们与开发人员和估算人员合作过,他们曾多次联系我们 原因:

  • 客户要求在他们的项目中安装一个或多个电动汽车充电点。然而……他们提供的信息很少,而且他们不知道自己想要什么。 你不知道从哪里开始。

  • 他们听说过一些关于电动汽车(或者可能会驾驶电动汽车)的信息,并且了解基础设施将受到需求。您了解电动汽车是未来,您希望为您的下一个发展提供优质的充电解决方案。 最重要的是,您想提供优质的电动汽车充电解决方案,但对支持技术或如何准确报价知之甚少。

  • 您正在响应竞争性招标,并希望在销售提案的绿色证书的同时获得优势。但是您需要一些专家建议,了解如何将电动汽车充电基础设施纳入其中以及如何准确计算成本。

我们的团队将与您合作 帮助了解如何 适合建筑的电动汽车充电选项 计划,如何收费 作品和 什么 单位供应和安装成本 将会。

通过与经验丰富且见多识广的电动汽车充电专家合作,您可以通过规划为自己省去麻烦和金钱 电动汽车充电 向建筑商、电工和其他承包商阐明任何特定要求。

ctclamp and harvi sept2023.jpg

Hot CT Clamp tips:

1. We often find customers want to monitor solar generation data within the Myenergi app. For the single phase Zappi & PV you'll just need an additional CT clamp for $49, totally worth it! Reference the table above for more options.

2. If you have a single phase Zappi and also have an AC Tesla powerwall then again you will only need an additional CT clamp for you to have the control avoid charge or avoid discharge of your battery. Again, totally worth the extra $49! Ref the table above more options.

3. CT clamps have a 5m cable however these can be extended via ethernet CAT 6 cabling up to 100m distance.  This is the recommended option wherever possible.   the Harvi device has a wireless range of up to 25m, as long as there are no major obstacles in between Harvi and Zappi device, this option can sometimes be used in lieu of extending CTs via ethernet.

4. A CT clamp can also be used to monitor a load or specific circuit within the home. Once installed, set the CT type to Monitor.  NOTE: Monitor function is only applicable to hardwired CTs ie not CTs connected to a Harvi.

5. Last and most important! CT Clamp install & configuration is critical for the Myenergi eco system to function as intended. Your installer must configure and install CTs correctly for accurate measurement of energy flows and information to be gathered and sent to the devices.  If they are not being used in the installation, CT configuration must be set to None within the device to avoid errors in functionality.

Is a hub required for zappi to operate? 

Not really. The separate MyEnergi Hub is an optional extra that provides internet connectivity for V2.0 Zappi and V1.0 Eddi. This facilitates firmware updates via your home internet and remote management via the Myenergi app. 

The Zappi & Eddi V2.1 have inbuilt wifi & ethernet hub access which allows connectivity to the Myenergi app directly and so an additional external hub is not required. 

IMPORTANT: The MyEnergi smartphone app is only accessible when a Zappi is connected to a Hub be it internal or external.


What next? Simply add items to cart from the selection below prior to checking out with your Zappi and/or Eddi.


Last tip: while any electrician can install a zappi, we always recommend an accredited, trained and trusted installer (like EVolution) performs the work for you!    Installation instructions must be followed correctly and Myenergi Australia can provide additional support materials via 

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