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What is a DC EV Fast Charger?

A lot of words and terms get thrown around when talking about charging your electric vehicle, but what do they all mean? People adept in charging their EVs might use terms you are unfamiliar with, and that's why we’re here, to help you learn about your Electric Vehicle.

Today we will be discussing Direct Current (DC) Fast Charging Stations for your electric vehicle and how it compares to other charging types. DC Fast Charging stations are one of the fastest ways to charge your vehicle, relying on an electric current straight to the battery. This basically means instead of internally converting the power from AC to DC to charge batteries, your car receives pre converted power direct to the car’s batteries, charging in record time.

Not all cars are able to fast charge, so you must check if your model of vehicle is able to connect to DC charging stations. DC fast charging stations use different plug types to the Level 2 AC chargers, so check your car before you try to plug into a DC EV charger. See some examples of the DC charger types bellow:

One thing to keep in mind is that DC EV Fast Charging is more expensive when compared to a Level 2 AC charger costs. DC charging may be more expensive, but it is much faster, so maybe consider DC charging when you need it most, such as when you’re low on power and low on time.

Some companies in Australia have been taking leaps and bounds with their fast charging technology in the past few years, bringing DC EV Fast Charging stations to the common Australian. One said group are Tritium. Located in Queensland, these innovative creators have designed a DC fast charger called the Veefil that has come to be known as a superbly durable and economical option when considering DC EV Fast Charging solutions. When it comes to the harsh elements that outdoor charging faces in Australia, a reliable and optimally engineered EV charger like the Veefil from Tritium is what our electric vehicles deserve.

And there you have it, DC EV Fast Charging stations explained. A quicker way to charge your vehicle in a pinch. If you have anything to add about DC Fast Charging, or anything else EV related, let us know!

Written by Tom Staveley


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