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Autumn EV charging under the Australian sun

So it’s been another month of charging with our Zappi, with some great results for March 2020. The Zappi has charged our car with 536KWh of energy & only 4.79KWh (~$1.30) has come from the grid. That’s 99% from our solar system, on which I’ve driven about 3,825KM. So we’ve been charging our EV with the Zappi, for nearly 15 months now and in that time 4.8MWh has come directly from the sun. That’s enough to drive us 33,000 kilometres, that would have cost over $3,500 in fuel.

Even after all this time we are still learning new features of the Zappi. We know that the faster the car charges, the lower the charging loses. So with some help from the Myenergi forum, I set the unit to have a higher minimum charge speed, which increases its efficiency.

As always, a quick recap of our solar system; we have 21.6KW in panels, 9.6KW facing East, 6.9KW facing West and 5.4KW North. That’s connected to two 8.2KW Symo Fronius inverters. On 3 phase, export limited to 15KW.

This month we’ve generated 2.6MWh, exported 1.5MWh and only imported 136KWh from the grid. We are still able to enjoy receiving a healthy cash back from our power retailer, instead of a nasty bill.

If anyone is a new EV and zappi owner and has any questions, please get in touch via the Australian Electric Vehicle Association Facebook page!


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