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What’s that Skip? AC electric vehicle chargers? Made right here in Melbourne? We’re charging ahead w

It’s been a long-held dream of ours to release our very own AC EV charging product. Which is why we’re so pleased to present the AURIGA!

As EV owners ourselves, we’ve been regularly using public charge stations across Australia for a few years, so the design of the AURIGA is something that we’ve been sketching out over the workshop table for ages. However, refining that design into a workable, durable and attractive unit took some time to perfect. As did working with our local manufacturers to create the right look and dimensions for the great looking* AC unit that Skippy here is holding.

We support local innovation (and think everyone else should too)

If you’re looking into EV charging for a local government authority, business or organisation, you should be choosing Australian? No hesitation or deviation.

For example; the job of local Councils across Australia is to support the local economy, businesses and jobs growth. It’s the aim of business owners to form partnerships that provide advantageous commercial, social and economic benefits. And organisations, whether grassroots or large-scale, to demonstrate a lead in showing their members that supporting local supports their community.

That’s why we reckon everyone should choose Australian innovation whenever it’s available and competitive.

EV charging proudly made in Melbourne

We were asked recently if we’d always be able to make our ‘as Aussie as’ Auriga unit here in Melbs. Obviously, as EV uptake…well, uptakes…and cheap (and, frankly, dangerous) overseas chargers flood the domestic market, the financial viability of locally-made products has to be considered.

But, just like our friends at JAX Tyres who’ve promised their EV chargers will be ‘forever free’, we’re committed. To supporting local manufacturing and jobs. As well as to promoting the heck out of the businesses and clients who choose to buy local.

Choosing the Made in Australia logo

Which brings us neatly to using this great logo. It denotes that the Auriga has been validated as an Australian made product. It also says that we invest in local people, jobs, businesses and manufacturing. Not to mention Aussie innovation, collaboration and expertise. Dick Smith has been onto something all these years.

AURIGA AC EV charging specs and techs

At 250mm square and just over 1100 high, the Auriga is a solid tough cookie. Think traffic bollard, but with awesome plug in capabilities.

It can have up to three ports that can charge up to 22kW on each simultaneously. Plus, it has lots of lovely flat space for corporate branding.

Best of all for commercial applications, it can be monitored and monetised so you can see who is using your unit, when they’re charging and how much they’re using.

If you’d like to know more, give us a shout to get your hands on our spec sheet. There is also more information here. And thanks for supporting local!

*We regularly refer to EV charging units as ‘good-looking’ or just downright ‘sexy’. Just us? Or does everyone else lovingly gaze upon their EV charging lifeline like we do? Yeah, probs just us…

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