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The Jaunt EV conversion has begun…

How do we know the Land Rover ICE to EV conversion has officially started? When the Land Rover Owners Club of Victoria turns up with a BBQ…in a Land Rover!

Yep, we’re pleased to announce that Jaunt Motors and the EVolution team have the EV tick of approval. While the first vehicle to be converted – the lovely 1971 Juniper – is yet to hit the factory floor, we had another on the hoist for viewing. In addition, the group got to look under the bonnet of a Nissan LEAF, as as well as a converted Audi, to get a feel for the tech.

Who are Jaunt Motors?

We’re really pleased to be working with Marteen and Dave who are the co-founders of Jaunt Motors. The conversion of Juniper from a diesel-guzzling classic to a zero-emission dream is an exciting project. In fact, it will be unlike anything we’ve seen in Australia before.

Basically, Jaunt aims to recycle classic old Land Rovers into electric vehicles. There are thousands of these 4WDs scattered across farms, paddocks and sheds across Australia, so why not chuck the ICE and replace with batteries? And why not get young students, engineers and enthusiasts in regional communities to help with these conversions?

Once converted, Juniper and her classic 4WD comrades will be available for hire. Take her out for the weekend to explore the hidden and beautiful places that make our wide brown land so unique. Imagine trundling along rainforest roads where you can hear the birdsong and wind rather than the hum of an engine. Along sandy beaches, where you leave tyre tracks and not the stench of diesel particulate. Magic, eh?

Positive environmental impact

Among the many positives of the Jaunt Motors story is it’s potential to transform Aussie’s relationships with 4WDs and EVs. We love our big, off-roading vehicles…even if they never go further than the nearest shopping centre.

This project aims to change that. It proves that we don’t lose the weekend and that tradies will still be able to trade, even if their vehicle has a battery under the hood. It’ll fundamentally change our thinking about how we use and ‘fuel’ modern 4WDs as well as the classic work horse Land Rovers that built much of outback Australia.

Follow the Jaunt Project at EVolution

We’ll post regular progress updates about Juniper, as well as videos and other information. Please follow along and ask questions, make comments, offer expertise and generally get excited about this massive Australian-led EV conversion project.

You can also follow Juniper on the EVolution Facebook or Instagram pages, or Jaunt Motors’ Facebook and Instagram pages. Happy converting!

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