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Solar Self Consumption - Better Than Batteries?

Would you believe that 33% of all homes in Australia have rooftop solar panels installed. With our favourable weather and government incentives we're addicted to generating our own power from the sun with the hope of reducing power costs.

Solar powered home

But of course the laughably low feed-in tariff has reduced the ROI on many solar systems. It's still hard to believe that those that have chosen to invest in renewable power are only paid roughly 10c per kwh when the sun shines, but the power companies have no problem charging close to 35c per kwh when pulling from the grid.

The obvious answer is battery storage which will enable the efficient reuse of excess solar energy but these options require further investment and a longer look at the ROI.

The only alternative is to self-consume and not export to the grid at all! Until now this has been an arduous process - we have to manually watch solar generation and use what we can during sunny days (turn on washing machine, charge the car etc) to make the best use of the self-generated power.

But not any more!

The myenergi range of products are designed to monitor the power generated by your solar or wind generated system and divert to high power sources.

The Zappi EVSE Electric vehicle charger will selectively charge your electric vehicle depending on how much power is being generated. It can also be used as a standard wall charger and EVSE. So on a good solar day, ALL power used to charge your car could be from your own renewable source!

how solar ev charging works

The eddi is more flexible and powerful again!

The eddi can divert excess self-generated power to up to two power hungry devices. So for many of our customers, they will divert power to their electric hot water system and / or their pool pump.

In this solution, the hot water system essentially acts like a battery, efficiently storing energy when surplus solar power is available.

Let's compare costs

Battery storage system: up to $15,000 ROI = 8-10 years!

Myenergi eddi diverter: $679 ROI = 2-3 years

The eddi (and zappi) can be installed by any registered electrician.

So what are you waiting for?

Take control of your self-generated power and reduce your power bills today!

Both the eddi and zappi are available in our online shop.

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