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EV DC Fast Charging Network NRMA

Last year the NRMA started making a significant investment in the NSW electric car fast charging network, announcing a $10 million investment to roll out at least 40 electric vehicle fast chargers in NSW for their members.

Fast forward to today and it's not all just talk! Two chargers are already underway in Newcastle and Jindabyne! At their most recent Australian Electric Vehicle Association meeting, the NRMA discussed their plans for an EV DC fast charging network, with these two charging stations expected to open in the next few months.

“The network will deliver significant benefits for Members and the community, removing the barrier of fuel costs, investing in renewable energy and supporting tourism by unlocking regional locations that are currently inaccessible to electric vehicles.” - NRMA

Chargers are set to be located within towns, approximately 150kms apart, targeted to people undertaking trips. The charging units will be 50kw from Tritium offering CCS2 and Chademo connectors. These stations will be free to those who are NRMA members and non-members will be charged for the service via credit card payments. And, as we all like to hear, all the chargers source power is from renewable energy providers.

This is a promising step to see real charging networks roll out in NSW in 2018 and we hope to see this grow in more states across Australia!

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