Efficient and easy EV charging for public car parks.

As the uptake of EVs in Australia and New Zealand accelerates, the demand for easily accessible and available public charging will increase along with it.


Some of the questions we're asked regularly from businesses and government departments looking at public car park EV charging include:

  • Where should the EV-only parking space/s be located?

  • Which location provides best access to existing or future electrical work?

  • Should there a charge to use or free parking because EV owners will be spending money at the location?

  • And how to best manage your EV charge points and ensure minimal wear and tear?

There are obvious differences in the installation of EV charging stations in public spaces compared with residential or commercial office locations. Therefore, when it comes to deployment, there are further considerations such as capital works, signage – both wall and floor – access control, monitoring, management and, most importantly, public safety.

Also, you need to consider operational processes. Do you want to provide 24/7 support for EV owners who are having problems connecting, or would you prefer a system that manages all that for you?

Need help installing public car park EV charging?

We have the answers to these - and other - questions.

In fact, we have heaps of first-hand experience in deploying large numbers of electric vehicle chargers into public spaces. These include supermarkets, shopping centres, cinemas, and natural environment car parks across Australia and NZ.

We offer a great range of very attractive (yes, EV owners say they choose charging sites based on how good the charging unit looks!) and cost-effective public car park charging solutions.

In addition, we’re really proud of our smart and reliable management software which offers the following benefits:

  • Billing options – by the hour or by kWh.

  • Multiple access control – by RFID, by smartphone or by PayPass.

  • Load management and balancing across groups or pools of chargers.

  • At-a-glance, real-time and historic reporting and dashboard options. This allows you to find out who is using the most power so you can plan for future EV charging installations.

Plus, thanks to extensive experience of deploying in commercial spaces, we can make the best of existing infrastructure. Or recommend whether upgrades are helpful or simply essential.

Let us help you plan and install EV charging at your public site.

From a cellar door to a multi-store shopping centre, our team can help you find and install suitable EV charging for your public car parking site.


We've worked with a range of government departments and businesses to deliver intelligent, monitored and monetised EV charging that works for the site as well as the EV driver.

So, let's get started...simply get in touch to find out more.

What do our customers say about us?


"The service was top quality in relation to the supply & installation of my Cylon Charging Station. The unit itself is great and has reduced charging time from 12+ hours from a standard household power point to just over 3 ½ hours with the Cylon unit..."


Norman, BMW i3 owner

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