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EVolution is proud to offer complete the very first EV conversion kit for the VW Beetle in Australia.


Just add a few spare weekends and you'll have your very own Electric VW Beetle!


This complete kit will deliver 150km safe driving distance for a 1000kg vehicle, and will charge to full in a little under 8 hours. Need faster charging, ask us about CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging. The power delivery is 170 lbs/ft or 240 Nm of instant torque, and 130hp or 100kW. This system is a lot of fun in a light weight car and has plenty of power to drive a medium to large vehicle as well.


The EV NetGain HyPer 9 kit contains the following:

Motor: NetGain HyPer 9 SRIPM Motor 100kW 240Nm with regen brakes
Controller: AC-X1 fully user programmable with Windows, IOS or Linux
Instrumentation: AC-X1 Compact Display allows you to view controller information and also control regen braking profiles on the fly.
DiLithium Designs EV Display: Gives live information about battery State of Charge as well as individual cell voltages and allows BMS and Charger Programming.
Brake Pressure Transducer:  Regen Brake Signal
Charger: Thunderstruck TSM2500 2.5kW CAN controlled
BMS: DiLithium Design. This BMS communicates with the on-board charger while monitoring cell groups in the Tesla battery modules to keep all cells balanced during charging and driving.
Portable J1772 Charge Cable: Take your charge cable with you anywhere so you can opportunity charge anytime anywhere from 10 amp, 15 amp or J1772 outlets.
J1772 Charge Port Inlet: J1772 Standard Inlet is synchronised with the Thunderstruck Charger Controller for safe charging of your vehicle and prevention of drive-away whilst charge cable is plugged in.
Chill Plate: NetGain AC-X1
Cooling System: Pump, Reservoir, Radiator and Fans. These are essential to keep the AC-X1 controller as well as your battery pack cool and safe.
1000 Watt DC/DC Converter: Provides 12 Volt out-put to keep all of your 12 Volt systems running
Contactor Box: Splash-Proof Sealed
Traction Pack Cable: 15 meters 70mm2 Double Insulated
Battery Voltage: 125 Volts, 30 Cell
Battery Type: 212 Ah 5.3kWh Tesla
Battery Capacity: 26.5 kWh
Traction Pack Fuse: Ferraz Shamut
Inertia Safety Switch: This is a mandatory component to pass safety inspection in all Australian states. This switch will disconnect HV in the event of a collision.
HV Labelling Decals: These decals are for all enclosures and visible conduits i.e.  battery boxes, contactor box and cable routes to the rear of vehicle. Also a requirement for safety inspection.
Other Included Hardware: Gland Nuts, Heat Shrink Tubing, Battery Terminal Rings, 12 Volt fuses, relays.

*END OF LIFE, NO LONGER AVAILABLE* VW Beetle Electric Car Conversion Kit

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