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Why install intelligent EV charging at home?

Install an elegant and fast electric vehicle charger at home wherever you are in Australia or New Zealand. We have the best EV charger products whether you have a Nissan LEAF, Hyundai Kona or a Tesla Model 3.


With Nationwide coverage you could be anywhere in Australia. And, as EV drivers ourselves, we know how much easier life is when you have access to fast, easy, intelligent and safe Electric Vehicle  charging at home. You will be using your EV charging wall box or cable every single day - often plugging in your electric car when you're in a rush - so why not make the ev charging process as smooth and seamless as possible?


Whether you're a new or experienced EV driver, the bottom line is that you need a fast-as-possible charge at home from a robust, reliable and safe EV charger. A quick charge means you are less likely to be caught out with insufficient range in the event of unplanned trips. In other words you will have more ev range more often.


We call this range anxiety - the fear that you'll run out of juice while out and about (it's not like someone can run you over a jerry can of electrons, right?)

If your EV charger is in the right location, then charging up becomes second nature. Part of the daily routine.


While most EV manufacturers provide a portable EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) with the EV, this is typically the slowest way to charge.

A faster charger, with a matching high current circuit, can provide up to 40kms of range per hour, making you a happy EV driver!

Our team can supply and install a great EV charger to suit your needs, or install the manufacturer-supplied charging unit; either way, our team of nationwide installers are fully qualified and complaint with Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

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When you first get your new or pre-loved electric vehicle, the way you charge it is key to having a great driving experience.

The manufacturer-supplied cable or wall unit (that comes in the boot) is usually what we refer to as a 'granny charger' due to it's slow rate of charge. While it will be useful initially, you'll soon realise it's limitations and explore faster and smarter charging options.

For example, using a Mitsubishi-supplied charging cable, the Outlander PHEV will take up to 5 hours to completely charge the battery. But, the simple addition of a 15amp power point in your home or garage, plus a sleek cable like the portable ChargeAmps RAY, which is switchable from 6 to 15amps, will take up to 3 hour.


And while a portable cable is a great addition to your EV charging kit, adding a hard-wired wall unit such as the Myenergi Zappi will not only make charging faster than your manufacturer-supplied equipment, but also allow you to use your self-generated solar power for your EV and home appliances (rather than pulling power from the grid). 

Faster charging time of up to 3 hours for 1 to 100% charge (rather than up to 5 hours)

Where should you locate your home EV charger?

Another big consideration is the location of your EV charger.


If it’s in the right spot, easy to reach and is easy to use, you’re going to find it really simple to plug and play. Having an EV charger in the right location is the great leveller of the EV world.

You should also consider your lifestyle and environment. If you’re in a cold climate can you put your charge point in a spot in a sunny spot so your car warms up naturally? Ditto for those who want to keep their EV in the shade through summer.

Also, do you front into your car parking space, or need to back in? What visual considerations so you can see kids, pets, balls, bikes or other small obstacles?

It doesn’t matter which EV you have – Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Renault or Jag – you’ll love getting out in your EV even more if you can do it without major changes to your lifestyle (or energy bill).

Plus, there’s a five year warranty on all home EV chargers installation work. So, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, we’ll fix it for you, no hassle, no cost.

Faster charging time of up to 3 hours for 1 to 100% charge PLUS intelligent use of your self-generated solar power.

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EVolution Clipper Creek Apartment Instal

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"Was going on a road trip in my Tesla and was desperately looking a J1772 to Tesla adaptor. Sent an email query to EVolution and got a text in 5min!! Advised to go online to order and it will be delivered in the morning. Got my adaptor delivered as promised. Amazing service and at a competitive price as well!"

Eddie, Tesla S

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