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Mountain Ridge ICE to EV conversion

Welcome to everything EV​

We live and breathe electric vehicles.

Since 2015, we've been helping new EV owners by recommending & supplying intelligent portable, wall & floor mounted EV charging for home or the office, anywhere in Australia & New Zealand.

In 2019 we brought together an expert conversion team to build bespoke EVs from classic vehicles.

We've now expanded our workshop to include repair, servicing or pre-purchase inspection of an electric car, by an expert mechanical & engineering team.

We're charging the EVolution with a team of charging infrastructure specialists, innovators & advocates, supporting the transition to low-emission transport.

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We're charging the EVolution...

A team of EV charging infrastructure specialists, innovators & advocates, supporting the transition to zero-emission transport in Australia and New Zealand.


Portable, wall or floor mounted AC and DC charging for your home or commercial site.


Bespoke conversions of ICE classic vehicles to smooth, silent electric drive.


Servicing, pre-purchase inspections and dash conversion from Japanese to English for imported EVs

Easy, safe and intelligent portable and wall electric car chargers for Australia & NZ

Charge your EV in public with our most popular adaptors and cables