BMW i3 Charger Guide: 2014 on

Introduced in 2014 and in tandem with the i8 the i3 represented BMWs bold view of the electric sustainable future.

Not only is the i3 electric and surprisingly fast it's also uniquely made up of 95% recyclable and sustainable materials. It's also vegan friendly with no animal products used in the construction.  All in all this is car is just about as unique as they come.​

BMW i3 Charger Information

The BMW i3 is typically equipped one of two with two charger ports J1772 or Mennekes. You should check before ordering. We can either supply a universal charger and matching cable or specific charger for your car.

Plug Standard: Type 1 / J1772 or Type 2 Mennekes

Maximum AC charge rate: 30 Amps*


Average time to recharge BMW i3


Dealer Supplied Charger  10 hours

15 Amp Charger                 5 - 7 hours

32 Amp Charger                 3 - 4.5 hours

*Important: Some BMW i3s can only charge at 15 amps or 3.3kw (rather than 6.6kw) as they only have a single onboard charger. This means that, irrespective of the EVSE you connect, 3.3kw is best you rate you can charge at. To check your vehicle navigate to and enter the VIN number of your car.


The feature you are looking for is a second "S4U8A -KLE Convenience Charging AC"

BMW i3 Charging Options






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